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September 18-22, 2006, Freiburg Germany

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Not only is the University of Freiburg physically located in the heart of the city of Freiburg - its students, professors, and staff are also an integral part of daily life in the ‘Capital of the Black Forest’. This is also one of the reasons why Freiburg has become such a popular place to study. Aside from the numerous leisure activities which may be enjoyed in and near the city and its proximity to the Alsace and Switzerland, it is above all the variety of academic progams which attracts so many students to Freiburg. The university boasts a variety of degree programs in any of more than 60 fields in 11 faculties.

Upon its foundation in 1457, the university already offered courses of study at the Faculties of Theology, Law, Medicine, and Humanities. Matthäus Hummel, the first rector of the university, chose the leitmotif, “wisdom has built itself a house”, for his inaugural address. Archduke Albrecht VI of Western Austria, on the other hand, had the education of young law and theology students for governmental posts and the church in mind when founding the university. Following the integration of the Jesuits into the faculty in 1620, the University of Freiburg developed into a bastion of Catholic doctrine. The resulting restrictions in the curriculum were not lifted until Empress Maria Theresa introduced an educational reform which opened the way to new academic fields.

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All sessions of the conference will be held at the main campus  (city center) in the modern University Buildings 1 and 2 which offer ultimate modern technology plus vast space for a large audience.

All plenary talks will talk place in the »Audimax Lecture Hall« of University  Building 1.

In University Building 2, six lecture halls of different sizes seminar rooms will be available for the conference symposia. Thus, all sessions, meetings and exhibitions as well as relaxed communication and refreshment during coffee breaks will be concentrated in one building. All rooms are equipped with advanced presentation technologies including internet access. If you go to the university by tram, take line 1, 3, or 5 direction “Bertoldsbrunnen”; get off at “Stadttheater/Universitätszentrum”.

Main Campus:

1: University Building I - Platz der Universität 3  
Hall / Lecture halls 

2: University Building II - Platz der alten Synagoge  
Auditorium Maximum (main lecture hall)/Lecture halls
Underground parking garage